Converge Business Solutions



Converge provides two PBX options, On-Premises and Hosted PBX. For those organisations which prefer to have their PBX on-site, Converge provides the Samsung OfficeServ range of PBX’s or the Mitel range of PBX’s.
For those organisations which prefer to make use of a Cloud based PBX which is hosted in a Data Centre, Converge provides a Hosted PBX solution.  With these options, we provide solutions to reduce monthly call and line expenditure. Depending on the volume of calls, which is established after a cost analysis has been completed, we provide cost saving solutions such as Voice over GSM (Samsung Range) and Voice over IP (Samsung Range, Mitel and Hosted PBX).


Video Communication is the fastest growing form of Communication and is predicted to supersede all other forms of Communication in the near future.  Converge provides Polycom Video Conferencing solutions for boardroom and desktop Video requirements.


Converge forms the role of a “selling arm” for Macrolan, a Tier 1 ISP. In partnership with Macrolan, Converge provides Hosted/Cloud Solutions as well as Internet Connectivity. The Hosted/Cloud Solutions comprise of Hosted PBX, Hosted Exchange (email), Server Hosting and Data Backup Solutions. Internet Connectivity comprises of Fibre, Wireless, Diginet and ADSL.